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 About Love Tips

Love tips is a website which gives you tips to seduce a girl and many more things. Talking about more of it's content. Then it can help you get a girlfriend. You will know the reality of flirting and will find your first love.

About Writers 

Aman Sah is the writer of this website. Each content of this website is written by him personally. He is a love expert. And has a lot of experience of getting a girl fall into your love. So, be with us to know the practical tips to  get your first love.

Social Media

We only have a Facebook page which you can follow to get some short tips.


One can contact us by writing a mail to us. One can get the email id in the contact us page.

Content Exposure

All the content of this website is written by our writers. Except some of the posts. So, if you think any of the post in this website is yours. Then you can claim the content and get it removed. You just have to mail us your post's link with its publish date. If your post was published before ours then we will remove that post.

So, no need to get panic, just chill it off. All the content in this website is for educational purpose only. This site doesn't aims at hurting anyone's emotions. If any of our post does. Then one can get it removed just by mailing us 🤗.

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