Does your learning journey feel lonely? Student learning motivation

 Let us quickly recap the three major learning problems that are hurting you and stopping you from achieving whatever you dream and desire.

How to stop yourself from feeling lonely when you’re studying

1.) First problem is passive learning.

Reading or watching videos doesn’t count towards learning because you aren’t retaining the information due to the continuous distractions diminishing your attention.

I called it passive learning because it gives you the feel of learning something whereas, in reality, you haven’t.

2.) Acquiring knowledge doesn’t make you skilled.

If you manage to overcome the distractions and retain information from the book you read or the video you watched, congrats. You’ve acquired some knowledge.

Feeling lonely while studying

But it still isn’t equal to skill because you acquire a skill when you learn how to use the knowledge to get the desired results.

If you don’t take action, apply whatever knowledge you acquired and produce results, you can’t become a skilled person.

Businesses don’t want more knowledge. They want results. They want people who can get them the results.

You lack the motivation to learn, retain the information, acquire knowledge and convert it into a skill because there is no accountability.

That’s why you buy books and courses and fail to complete them.

That’s why you skim through hundreds of blogs and videos, fail to take action.

Because no one is going to reward you for taking action or punish you if you don’t.

Of course, you want to become a good digital marketer or whatever skill you want to master.

But then the distractions, life-demands and the lack of motivation and accountability is stopping you.

That’s why even the best training programs in the world don’t work.

Because the problem is not with the courses, but as we discussed, it is with our learning approach.

3.) You are on your own.

You need to motivate yourself to learn, take notes while learning, and take action to become skilled.

The problem is, it is difficult to maintain the motivation levels to produce such results, especially without any external influence or trigger.

It is how it is.

Student learning motivation

One day we wake up with full josh and intent to get things done and the next day we don’t even want to get up.

It’s human nature.

But what if we are forced to overcome the challenges and learn in a positive way?

What if you get rewarded to learn, take action, and get results?

I’m taking the reward approach here because punishment is not going to work, right?

We are all adults and there is no punishment that scares us.

But we love rewards.

We fill coupons and forms because there is a chance we might get a prize. We spin lucky-wheels because we might win sometimes.

What if you get rewarded for learning, retaining information, and taking action?

What if you get a cash reward to learn and take action in the form of completing assignments?

You will be motivated enough to learn because you won’t want to miss the chance of winning something.

And if I make it simple, one concept and assignment a week, it will become a no-brainer to do it.

theories of learning motivation


You get access to one lesson a week. You need to watch the video, understand the concepts, take notes because there is an assignment you need to do to win the cash-back. The need to complete the assignment will make you watch the video and understand the concepts.

As you complete the assignments within the deadlines, you’ll get paid. You’ll get cash back and a bonus.

The cash-back and bonus motivate you to take action and complete the assignments.

If you don’t complete the assignments, you don’t get paid.

That’s it.

There is a reward for taking action and a punishment for not taking action.

There is no big motivational factor other than money.

It solves all three problems.

You got accountability - if you take action, you get the cash-back, if not, you don’t.

You actively learn and retain what you learned - to complete the assignments, you need to learn and understand the concepts.

You take action and convert the knowledge into a skill - you need to take action and complete the assignment.


So, Study as if you have risked something which is very precious to you. Set rewards for yourself, which you will get after the completion of a particular task. 

If you are a college student then, This’s how a internship training program solves the 3 big problems by paying you to learn and do assignments. So, do you want to become successful business men or want to grab success then get internship or something like this.

You must risk one of your precious things. As this is the only way to keep you working and learning. So, keep faith on yourself. Go out and show the world how much focused you are and become a ideal for others with your dedication.

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