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How to be funny


Hello Friends, Almost everyone likes the person who can make them laugh or can make them happy. Because funny people bring happiness to others life being funny, having humour is the most attractive quality. Any person can have here, I am not saying that you should become a comedian or a joker to make other people laugh.

However its not a bad thing, but still you should try to improve your sense of humour because a great sense of humour can help you to win anyone's heart, because of which your relationships will improve and your personal and professional life will become healthy. There's lot of benefits of great sense of humour.

Therefore today we will discuss about, How to be funny/ How to make anyone Laugh really hard, you know. So let's begin, we have already learned from the book "Start with Why" By simon Sinek that we should focus on "WHY" more than how and what for anything we should focus on WHY WE DO IT, More than on how we do it and what we do to it. Therefore, I cleared why your sense of humour should be good in the start of this article.
Now, let's talk about "How" and "what". No matter how many best jokes you give to some people, yet they will say that joke in such a way that no body will laugh on it, those best jokes will become the maths theorem. On the other side, there are some people who say the worst jokes in such a way that everyone starts laughing. Reason this happens is because How you say it, matters more than what you say, what jokes you crack.

Tricks :

Hi, Today I will share 6 tricks which clears, "How to be funny".

  1. Self - Doubt
  2. Too much
  3. Hit and Miss
  4. Surrounding Power
  5. Laugh More
  6. Variety

Tricks to make anyone laugh

Let us see these points in details.

1) Self-doubt

Self Doubts

I am sure this must happen to you when you stay with your friends. You behave very funny, you crack jokes better than the comedians and make other people laugh, but when you meet the strangers, forget about cracking jokes. 
You even feel afraid to talk to them, well this happens because of your lack of confidence and nervousness. You start doubting yourself and your jokes, so solution for this is start believing yourself, be confident about yourself and about your jokes because till the time you don't believe yourself and your jokes, you will not able to proof others.

2) Too much

Too much

There are some people who always try to be funny,or to crack jokes. They try to be funny in every statement, for example, when they meet a girl. They try to crack jokes in every statements so that the girl laugh and try to be funny because of which what happens is that the opposite person starts seeing their desperation and instead of taking them as a funny person, opposite person starts getting angry or irritated. 
Hence, avoid being like this, don't be desperate. It would be best if you talk nicely with the opposite person, first create a good bond talk deep, understand them first, listen to them and then crack jokes in the middle of the conversation. Crack jokes when needed with this you will look funny and also strong connection will get formed.

3) Hit and Miss

Hit and Miss

No matter how great jokes you crack, sometimes people will laugh and sometimes they won't. But if you focus more on why people are not laughing then for sure you become nervous and you will not look funny to other.

How to make anyone laugh

Therefore whether others laugh or not, you continue to maintain conversation flow with this what will happen, no one will notice anything and maybe laugh on your other joke.

4) Surrounding Power

Surrounding Power

It is said that you'll become the type of person you are surrounded with. Hence, if you want to become funny, then stay around funny people and if you don't have funny people around you, then watch comedy shows, watch stand up comedians with this you will learn lot of things subconsciously, which you will start using in real conversation. And you will not even realise and thses tricks will make you funny.

5) Laugh more

Laugh More

Do you like arrogant people?

Arrogant People

Obviously not, no one likes arrogant people. Why no one likes them because they never laugh. They get irritated on jokes and to be very frank no one likes such people.
Therefore become a person who has a joyful nature, learn to laugh on yourself and on others jokes, with this you'll able to connect more with other people. People will like you and you'll able to become funny.

6) Variety


If you crack a new joke in front of your friend, then maybe he'll laugh. But if you crack that same joke again and again, then for sure he will not laugh, he won't find it funny because the one and most important thing which our brain needs to find anything funny is Surprise. 
Something Unexpected, unless you don't say something new to others, they won't find it funny. Therefore never crack same jokes again and again instead use variety of jokes what all variety of jokes you can use, that I will say or explain in my next articles which will clear the "WHAT" section of  "How to be Funny". 

how to make someone laugh really hard

Jokes :

So at the end here are some jokes for you :-

1) Do you know the difference between ☃️ and snow-woman?
Ans :- snowballs 🤣

2)Its a science joke which is mentioned below
Physics would have been much easier  if tree had fallen on Newton instead of apple.. 😂😂🤣🤣

3)  Me : Tell Me a joke
Life : Engineering 😂🤣
Now, Life is a joke for me 😂🤣🤣

4) Once a bank 🏦 employee resigned from his job .
Do you know why??
Because he lost "Interest".😂😂

Have one joke to add? Be sure to share it with us in the comments section below!!

Ending Lines:

Hope you all would have learnt some life hacks about how to make fun, just view this pinned page in the related post section which will clear your doubt on "WHAT" section of "How to be more Funny".
Moreover, the Funny jokes is the funny side of our article. And this funny text might have made you laugh. And you must share this post so that others can know the trick too and can laugh out loud.
We hope that reading the funny jokes of this article had a funny time for you. And this article might have helped you in learning how to be funny.

Brief Description :
So at the end, I would like to say that you should pay attention to the person you want to make laugh, you should develop a good sense of humour and should spent time by sending text messages to your loved ones to show your gratitude towards them. Moreover, you should not be immersing yourself in humor.

Thanks For Reading !!

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