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 How to Impress British Women

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and many Singleton's are searching for a date. But if you're particularly interested in Dating British girls. Then you may need to know exactly What it takes to impress a Girl ?

Hi guys, So Today I'll be telling you What impresses a British woman. I'll be getting out there on the streets to talk to lots of different types of women to find out what impresses them. And will bring up their opinion to you. I can't show it up live. But whatever they said I have mentioned in this article. With that said, Let's Begin.

How to impress British Women

What Quality a British women want To have in his partner ?

I have listed few qualities which every women searches for in his partner. So you just need to learn these skills or if you already have it then you should improve it. In order to impress a British women.

1.  Accent

In my opinion, What girls do is make sure that the person can communicate effectively. But girls still do love a good accent.

2.  Funny Guys

Funny Guys

If you can make a girl laugh, then nothing else matters. A funny guy is very attractive. Now of course it helps if you're attractive, if you stay in shape and you have a pretty face. Then girls are going to find you attractive. But I you can make her laugh then nothing else matters.
So if you don't know how you can make a girl laugh. Then you should read this article on How to be Funny.

3.  Talent

What girls find more attractive than anything else is talent. So if you're talented at something, it doesn't even have to necessarily be a performing based talent. I'm not talking about singing or playing an instrument. I'm talking about just being very good at something. Girls find that very attractive. People who are top of their game and ahead of the field. Girls are generally impressed by those guys.


4. Trustworthy

Girls can rely on and trust someone who does what they say. A girl find it very attractive, much more attractive than someone who says they're going to call you and then they don't call you. Or agrees to pick you up at 8:30 and then doesn't turn up to line. Girls don't like that!

There are just few more things that impress so let's find out what the ladies really find attractive.
Till now the points you read were the opinion of my classmates. Then I went on street and talked to Random girls about what impress them. So let's just see thier reply in further points.

5.  Expensive Gifts

So I asked a girl that what the guy has to do to impress you ?  She said, " Well he has already done it, he's just bought me new car. One day suddenly, he just came home with a new car for me." So, This shows how much a gift matters and that too has to be an expensive one.

6.   Thoughtful & Suprising

We kept exploring girls mind by  talking to them. So I went to another girl and asked the same question. She said, "Something interesting & surprising, something that I don't know. A bit of time out of their day, just to be something special for me."
So now you guys would have understood how much girls love suprises. Moreover the girls are admired mostly by those guys who takes out time for her even in his busy days.

7.  Caring


Moving on, we talked another girl who said that she would like to choose a boy who show a morning text for her which just makes her day. And a good night text as well.
After this talk I realised that girls like someone who cares about them and does some small things to make them happy. And never shows arrogance to them. So, If you really want to stay happy in relationship, then you must make sure to not to shout on her on small matters.


Impressing girls is not a harder task. So, summing up this article I  would just like to say that have faith in yourself. Remain calm while talking to a girl. Show your superiority among all boys. But don't make her feel that she is inferior in front of you. You should always keep her ahead from you.

And Show some care, do some special things like bringing her Gifts, some message to show that you think about her etc. And make her laugh by your logic.

Moreover I would like to add another point that you should spend time with her inorder to make her feel good and the time spent with memorable.

Ending Lines

So, Yeah that's all for today. Keep the above points in mind inorder to have a long as well as strong relationships. And thanks to all  those who supported me  as well a read this till this point.
Alright have a marvelous love fooled Valentine's Day. I'll see you soon Goodbye 👋🏻.

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